HMI houses the experts needed to create and produce your next structural steel project.

We will tailor our steel to meet your specifications, giving you a final product you will be able to depend on for a very long time.

HMI is able to offer structural steel solutions that are both efficiently made and highly effective. We will work for you to determine the perfect type of structural steel for your project. HMI is proficient and experienced in all of the types of welding used in conjunction with structural steel, dedicating great quality and experience with every project.

HMI is widely recognised for excelling at technical challenges. Our collaborative approach draws together project stakeholders driving down the risk profile to ensure successful outcomes.

Our geographical location suits their core competency and allows efficient transport anywhere in Australia. HMI produces challenging size projects with absolute safety and the efficiency gained translates into competitive rates.

HMI produces manufactured steel included beams, columns, girders and other non-standard steel structure components. These can be produced in non-standard lengths, non-standard sizing and reduced lead time.

HMI regularly handles multiple orders simultaneously and have a proven surge capabilityto meet customer’s demands.

HMI can provide a quick response service to meet urgent work priorities. We also work with an established and trusted network of subcontractors; ensuring jobs are managed safely and efficiently from start to finish.

Welded sections are produced in accordance with AS1554 and AS4100. Testing is completed by a certified NATA laboratory.

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